Palm Tortilla Warmer Flor Top Set of 2



  • Made in Mexico
  • Machine Sewn
  • Corn Husk Decoration
  • Set of two


This product is a Palm Tortilla Warmer, a must have in every Mexican home. This basket’s name comes from Nahuatl word “chiquihuite” which means a small, handle less woven wicker or reed basket, and its been used from Aztec times when tortillas were served in a white cloth.

Generally these baskets are made of palm, hemp, and other natural fibers; these fibers help tortillas to keep warm. Also, baskets doesn’t have handles and comes in a variety of sizes, although today they been substituted by different materials and decoration is plain.

Here at Vel-Mex we have on wholesale our line of authentic tortilla warmer made of palm and decorated the traditional way.


Large Basket

  • Diameter: 8in
  • Height: 4in

Small Basket

  • Diameter: 7in
  • Height: 3in
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